Southampton Boat Show 2019

Why not head to Southampton Boat Show from 13th - 22nd September 2019 ?

Blue Lagoon marine will be around the show for a few days, helping out with a variety of boats, cleaning, and also offering some brokerage boats!

There’s so much to do, so make a day out of it and check out all the attractions and all of the latest boats, dinghies, accessories, tenders, and much more!

We hope to see you there and if you’ve got any questions, feel free to get in touch !

The BIG Poole Harbour Boat & Jet Ski Meet Up

Join us for our first event! Saturday 10th August 2019

We are excited to be hosting our first event in Poole Harbour for a day of boating, fun, prizes and much more. Bring your friends, families, pets, boats and toys as we meet by Bournemouth Pier!

Blue Lagoon will be aboard a Hanse 470 giving out a number of prizes to a variety of boats out on the water.

We want as many of you as possible to join us so please tell your boating families and friends !

Look forward to seeing you !

Poole Harbour Meet Up

The Poole Harbour Clean Up

A fantastic group of volunteers are this weekend 18th and 19th May, taking on the Poole Harbour clean up. Starting 9am from Salterns Marina and Blue Lagoon where we are based! We're hoping to see lots of you out there doing your bit to help out with this fantastic organisation.

Poole Harbour boasts a whole host of wildlife and natural beauty that many people come to see from all over the world. It is home to hundreds of species throughout its rivers, mudflats, salt marshes, reeds, sand dunes and much more, that we all need to do our part to help out with! You never know, you may even see the famous dolphins that people are talking about seeing in Poole Harbour in the last few weeks...

If you want to get involved, why not grab yourself a paddle board to assist with the clean up, come and see us and we'll get you equipped!

You can see the guys behind the big clean up here:

We look forward to seeing you 🤙🏻

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 13.28.48.png

The SUP Buying Guide

Here’s The Paddleboard Outlets top tips for when you are buying your first ever paddle board. A lot of our customers will hire boards for a period of time before purchasing but need that extra bit of guidance to what will suit them best, so here we are !

1.Rigidity and Stiffness

One of the key things to consider when choosing your first board is the stiffness and rigidity. Many boards out there will not offer a solid base for you to practice and get into SUP. You need to get as much stability out of a board as possible to allow you to find your feet and make it easier to balance. This will also benefit you when you progress giving you a greater all round performance.


2.Big Boards For Easier Learning

From our personal experience with keen riders starting out, they always get on better with bigger and wider boards to start with. Giving yourself as much width and length as possible will allow you to focus on your paddle strokes rather than worrying about being unstable and falling in. Added size means extra stability. However, if you think you’ll pick it up easy then don’t go over the top as you’ll soon get used to the balance and want something that will allow you to manoeuvre easier and go a bit faster.

Obviously not as big as this awesome giant board below !


3.Do You Need A Top End, Expensive Board?

Our answer is No! A fancy and expensive board isn’t need when starting out whatever your level. There are many entry level SUPs like our popular Two Bare Feet and Sandbanks SUP style boards that give excellent all round performance and stability and are great for progressing. Focus more on the design size and shape of the board rather than the fancy brand name!


4.What do you want to progress into?

Another point to put into consideration is what your end goal is with SUP. Do you want to progress into paddle surfing, exploring, touring, or using your board on rivers and lakes? When you are buying your first SUP you should highly consider this. If you’re thinking about exploring with your SUP then start with something slightly longer, we would recommend something 10’6 or above getting you used to the extra length and stability. Or perhaps you want to surf then something slightly shorter will be ideal, perhaps a 9’6 or 10’0 board.


We hope these simple tips will give you some things to think about when buying your SUPs and of course if you have any questions or need any advice, get in touch!

Southampton Boat Show 2018

The Southampton Boat show is back this week and with the cancellation of the London Boat Show, predictions are that it’s going to be a busy and very successful show! Usually attracting more than 100,00 visitors the popular Mayflower Marina event will be looking to exceed these numbers.

All the usual main attractions will be featured at the show including brands such a Sunseeker, celebrity appearances and a 100ft Ferris wheel!

Unfortunately we won’t be at the show this year but we are already planning for next year as we’d love to have a stand to get our business out to a wider range of customers.

Go and check out the huge range of boats, toys, kayaks and jet skis that will be on show, along with all the extras, accessories and clothing! You may even come across some of our popular SUP brands that we stock here at The Paddleboard Outlet in Poole.


Things to look out for when buying a second hand boat...

Here's Blue Lagoon Marines top tips and things to look out for when buying a second hand or used boat. There are many sellers out there who no very little about what they are selling so ensure you ask as many questions as possible and get as much info on the boat as you can... 

1. Inspect for signs of damage and take note 

Flexing, cracking, mould, and moisture in fibreglass and wooden areas, such as the hull, transom, and floor? These can indicate rot, the break-down of fibreglass, delamination of plywood, or even rot in the stringers. 

2. Speak to the owner

If you've got any questions or concerns about the boat make sure you have a chat with the owner if you're buying through an agent or similar, the owner will be able to get you a full history and detailed description of their vessel. 

3. Sea Trial and Survey 

It is very strongly advised that when buying any used or second hand boat that you ask for a sea trail and survey. This way you will get a full understanding of the working order of the boat and if there is any work that needs doing on the boat. This will also give you extra confidence when making the purchase. 

4. Wiring

Check the battery connections to be free of corrosion and be tight, clean, and organized. Look for loose connections, cuts and frays. Take a look under the dash if you can for the same issues. How old is the battery, Is the battery bulged, cracked, or sitting in liquid? These are all key questions to ask regarding the battery. 

5. Steering is a key to safety

One of the most dangerous and expensive problems with a boat can be a worn steering system. The most common points of wear are in the cables, or mounting areas. The easiest thing to check for is a tight out/drive (lower unit) or outboard engine. To check this, grab a hold of the drive or engine and with a lot of force, try and move it back and forth. There should be limited (less than a centimetre or two) play or slack. If you can easily move the driveback and forth while the steering wheel remains still, the is a major safety issue and in is likely a very expensive repair.


Poole Harbour Boat Show & The Poole Bay 100

This weekend the 8th - 10th June is proving a very busy one for us at Blue Lagoon and also for all the locals planning to go to these two great events! 

It kicks off with the Poole Harbour Boat show from Friday 8th June - Sunday 10th June where there will be a whole range of boats, accessories, toys and brands on show. We will be around the show all weekend chatting to people about our Marine Brokerage, Services and of course our ever popular Paddleboards! 

Or why not pop in and see us if you're around ? We are 5 minutes around the corner from the show at 202 sandbanks road! 

The weekend then finishes with the Poole Bay 100 on Sunday where you will see our sponsored racing team competing in class 3. The racing starts at 12 just off Bournemouth Pier! You will also catch some of the impressive marathon boats competing in a number of classes! 

We're giving a helping hand to the UKOPRA and all competitors and are storing a number of race boats and trailers during the weekend! 



Things to do this Bank Holiday Weekend

Are you and you're family or friends looking for something to do in the Bournemouth and Poole area on this Bank Holiday Weekend ? Why not head down to The Paddleboard Outlet and get yourself out on the water! 

We have a huge range of boards, accessories, kayaks, windSUPs and many more toys to try, we also provide you with everything you need including wetsuits and lifejackets ! 

You can try our brand new 2018 boards which were delivered to us at the beginning of the week so are fresh out of the packet. You can be first to try our all new SUPs, from entry and premium SUPs to 10ft and 12ft boards, we've got it all ! 

We look forward to seeing you ! 


Stand Up Paddleboarding - Keeping Safe

Getting To Know The Risks Involved With SUP

Paddleboarding may come across as being completely harmless, but as with anything it does have its risks and dangers. We wanted to put a small article together to give you some helpful tips! 

The lightweight and buoyant design of a paddleboard means that even in a very weak offshore wind, you can quickly find yourself a long way from the shore and it can be extremely difficult to get back. Lots of people don't use leashes when paddling in dangerous areas and this can put you at a real risk if you become separated from your board in large open waters. Ensure you follow these simple steps to help you stay safe and help you get the most out of Stand Up Paddleboarding. 

  • Tell somewhere where you're going and when you'll be back. Ensure you take a mobile phone or some form of communication. 
  • Check the weather forecast and tide times
  • Avoid strong offshore winds.
  • Always take a friend! 
  • Make sure you wear a life jacket 
  • Make sure you have suitable clothing on for the weather
  • Always wear your leash when in open waters and if you do get into trouble you can use your board as a flotation device 
  • If you still find that you are struggling to get to grips with the sport then make sure you have a few lessons so you are comfortable on the water

Hopefully these simple tips will help you out on the water and keep you out of trouble! Don't forget you can try boards with us at The Paddleboard Outlet and also have lessons with one of our instructors! See you soon! 

The Paddleboard Outlet Competition

To start things off we would like to say a big thank you to the near 10,000 of you that took part in our great competition, we were never expecting so many entries. That's just a small insight into the type fo things we will be doing throughout the summer with Blue Lagoon Marine and with The Paddleboard Outlet. 

Because of the huge support we felt we needed to get someone to announce the winner and who better than Miss Dorset! Miss Dorset and Lord Stephen of Westbury were at Blue Lagoon to choose the winner of the competition on Friday 30th March to end the day of out first event!

Be sure you tell all your friends and family about our pages and are following us on instagram, where you will receive exclusive discounts, offers and also don't miss out on the great events that we will be hosting throughout the year! 

Also, congratulations to Zena Lewis who is the winner of the Paddleboard prize worth £550! We have been in touch with Zena and she'll be receiving the prize shortly. 


Easter And The First Event Of The Year!

2018 is already flying by and Easter is now just 2 weeks away. To celebrate Easter and Good Friday we are hosting our first event at Blue Lagoon. What better way to kick of our first event by giving away some Easter Eggs?! 

Come down to Blue Lagoon and The Paddleboard Outlet on Friday 30th March where we are hosting our very own Paddleboard Sale Day. We'll have lots of boards and accessories at great prices! 

Looking for a new toy for summer? You'll be able to see what we have for sale at Blue Lagoon including, RIBS, small powerboats and weekend cruisers. 

Look forward to seeing you ! 

Snow, And The Beast From The East!

I'm sure you are experiencing 'The Beast From The East' as much as we are! With temperatures down to -7, strong winds and snow, we strongly recommend that you avoiding going out to sea,  If you are planning to paddle board on the other hand, you are just mad! 

We're also hearing that more snowfall and cold conditions are on their way, here's what we advise when out at sea in cold conditions...

1. Take extra layers, you can never be too warm!

2. Ensure your VHF Radio is in full working order and you know the correct channels if necessary

3. Tell people where you are heading ! 

4. Make sure your vessel is 100% ready to go and has had the necessary servicing and maintenance during the cold weather


Master RIBS at Blue Lagoon

As you may have already seen on our social media pages we are now teamed up with MCC Marine who are the UK importers for Master Ribs. An Italian manufacturer that originated in the 70's by its founders, the Gargiulo spouses. Their first work experience was in the service industry and focused on the manufacturing of neoprene tubes for almost all the oldest companies in the nautical sector. 

In 1983, Master was founded and a few years later they obtained the Master patent with the 'Magnum' version. When the use of fibreglass reached the marine industry the company created a special double folded hull with a fibreglass floor decking in the tubes, which allows a better balance of the overall structure, avoiding a stern loading, allowing a dry and smooth navigation even in rough sea. 

Master now have a spectacular range of RIBS ranging up to over £100,000. Come and view the range at Blue Lagoon or see our stock boat, The Master 660 Open. 

Any more questions? Get in touch now! 

The All New Paddleboard Shack

Our new paddleboard shack is up and ready for the sun! At Blue Lagoon we have recently installed a new area to accommodate for all things SUP, the shack will be the base for the lessons, hire and demos that we will be offering at Blue Lagoon including a changing facility and storage for bags whilst you're having fun out at sea. 

Come down and have a look and keep an eye on our social pages for more news and updates!

Keeping Safe At Sea In The Winter

No matter where you are winter increases the risk when out at sea. Cold temperatures and strong winds make it vital that you prepare for all situations. Including all aspect of boating including, kayaking, sailing, power boating and even paddle boarding! 

Make sure you plan ahead and stay safe. Check out our basic tips to staying safe in the winter:

1. Tell People

Always make sure that someone knows where you are going and what time you expect to be back. That way if you don't return for a considerable amount of time then someone will know something is up and they will know where you were heading.  

2. Always wear a lifejacket

No matter what some people say, life jackets save lives. Ensuring you have the correct jacket that works for you is crucial.  Make sure you jacket is safety approved, it fits, in working order and ensure everyone else is also wearing a suitable jacket. 

3. Communication

Make sure you have some form of communication on you at all times, ideally 2 forms of communication. On your boat the easiest form of communication is a VHF radio which the coast guard always monitors. The next best thing is a mobile phone however, you may not always get signal out at sea, which is why we highly recommend you have a radio and mobile phone at all times. 

4. Dress appropriately

Don't just step out of your front door and think, 'its actually quite warm today!' Always take extra layers and preferably waterproof clothing. The sea temperature is often a lot colder than the air temperature that you feel as you step out your front door.

New Website Live!

Our brand new website is now live showcasing a whole host of things we will be offering throughout 2018. From storage and general maintenance including valeting, spraying and customisations, to The Paddleboard Outlet. We will have a huge range of top quality SUP's and accessories in stock and ready to go! 

Please get in touch if you have any question or enquiries.

07885 731 763

Winter Is Here!

Winter is now officially here, the clocks have gone back and the cold dark nights have settled in. The countdown to Christmas begins and temperatures are dropping.  It's a horrible time for boat owners as boats are stored away and waiting to be used in the summer months. The winter can be very tough on boats, the long months and harsh weather are the main cause of general marine wear and tear. Its so important to store and maintain a healthy boat so when that first day of Sun comes around, you're ready to go!