Things to look out for when buying a second hand boat...

Here's Blue Lagoon Marines top tips and things to look out for when buying a second hand or used boat. There are many sellers out there who no very little about what they are selling so ensure you ask as many questions as possible and get as much info on the boat as you can... 

1. Inspect for signs of damage and take note 

Flexing, cracking, mould, and moisture in fibreglass and wooden areas, such as the hull, transom, and floor? These can indicate rot, the break-down of fibreglass, delamination of plywood, or even rot in the stringers. 

2. Speak to the owner

If you've got any questions or concerns about the boat make sure you have a chat with the owner if you're buying through an agent or similar, the owner will be able to get you a full history and detailed description of their vessel. 

3. Sea Trial and Survey 

It is very strongly advised that when buying any used or second hand boat that you ask for a sea trail and survey. This way you will get a full understanding of the working order of the boat and if there is any work that needs doing on the boat. This will also give you extra confidence when making the purchase. 

4. Wiring

Check the battery connections to be free of corrosion and be tight, clean, and organized. Look for loose connections, cuts and frays. Take a look under the dash if you can for the same issues. How old is the battery, Is the battery bulged, cracked, or sitting in liquid? These are all key questions to ask regarding the battery. 

5. Steering is a key to safety

One of the most dangerous and expensive problems with a boat can be a worn steering system. The most common points of wear are in the cables, or mounting areas. The easiest thing to check for is a tight out/drive (lower unit) or outboard engine. To check this, grab a hold of the drive or engine and with a lot of force, try and move it back and forth. There should be limited (less than a centimetre or two) play or slack. If you can easily move the driveback and forth while the steering wheel remains still, the is a major safety issue and in is likely a very expensive repair.