Keeping Safe At Sea In The Winter

No matter where you are winter increases the risk when out at sea. Cold temperatures and strong winds make it vital that you prepare for all situations. Including all aspect of boating including, kayaking, sailing, power boating and even paddle boarding! 

Make sure you plan ahead and stay safe. Check out our basic tips to staying safe in the winter:

1. Tell People

Always make sure that someone knows where you are going and what time you expect to be back. That way if you don't return for a considerable amount of time then someone will know something is up and they will know where you were heading.  

2. Always wear a lifejacket

No matter what some people say, life jackets save lives. Ensuring you have the correct jacket that works for you is crucial.  Make sure you jacket is safety approved, it fits, in working order and ensure everyone else is also wearing a suitable jacket. 

3. Communication

Make sure you have some form of communication on you at all times, ideally 2 forms of communication. On your boat the easiest form of communication is a VHF radio which the coast guard always monitors. The next best thing is a mobile phone however, you may not always get signal out at sea, which is why we highly recommend you have a radio and mobile phone at all times. 

4. Dress appropriately

Don't just step out of your front door and think, 'its actually quite warm today!' Always take extra layers and preferably waterproof clothing. The sea temperature is often a lot colder than the air temperature that you feel as you step out your front door.