Stand Up Paddleboarding - Keeping Safe

Getting To Know The Risks Involved With SUP

Paddleboarding may come across as being completely harmless, but as with anything it does have its risks and dangers. We wanted to put a small article together to give you some helpful tips! 

The lightweight and buoyant design of a paddleboard means that even in a very weak offshore wind, you can quickly find yourself a long way from the shore and it can be extremely difficult to get back. Lots of people don't use leashes when paddling in dangerous areas and this can put you at a real risk if you become separated from your board in large open waters. Ensure you follow these simple steps to help you stay safe and help you get the most out of Stand Up Paddleboarding. 

  • Tell somewhere where you're going and when you'll be back. Ensure you take a mobile phone or some form of communication. 
  • Check the weather forecast and tide times
  • Avoid strong offshore winds.
  • Always take a friend! 
  • Make sure you wear a life jacket 
  • Make sure you have suitable clothing on for the weather
  • Always wear your leash when in open waters and if you do get into trouble you can use your board as a flotation device 
  • If you still find that you are struggling to get to grips with the sport then make sure you have a few lessons so you are comfortable on the water

Hopefully these simple tips will help you out on the water and keep you out of trouble! Don't forget you can try boards with us at The Paddleboard Outlet and also have lessons with one of our instructors! See you soon! 

Master RIBS at Blue Lagoon

As you may have already seen on our social media pages we are now teamed up with MCC Marine who are the UK importers for Master Ribs. An Italian manufacturer that originated in the 70's by its founders, the Gargiulo spouses. Their first work experience was in the service industry and focused on the manufacturing of neoprene tubes for almost all the oldest companies in the nautical sector. 

In 1983, Master was founded and a few years later they obtained the Master patent with the 'Magnum' version. When the use of fibreglass reached the marine industry the company created a special double folded hull with a fibreglass floor decking in the tubes, which allows a better balance of the overall structure, avoiding a stern loading, allowing a dry and smooth navigation even in rough sea. 

Master now have a spectacular range of RIBS ranging up to over £100,000. Come and view the range at Blue Lagoon or see our stock boat, The Master 660 Open. 

Any more questions? Get in touch now! 

The All New Paddleboard Shack

Our new paddleboard shack is up and ready for the sun! At Blue Lagoon we have recently installed a new area to accommodate for all things SUP, the shack will be the base for the lessons, hire and demos that we will be offering at Blue Lagoon including a changing facility and storage for bags whilst you're having fun out at sea. 

Come down and have a look and keep an eye on our social pages for more news and updates!