Storage Information


At Blue Lagoon Marine we offer boat storage for all of the following vessels: Trailers, Jet Skis, Boats, Dinghies, Ribs, Kayaks, Paddleboards and other Marine Toys. Whether you need a months storage whilst your drive is being renovated or you need 6 months winter storage, Blue Lagoon will have you covered. With easy access and an accessible slipway it is a great location for boat users.




Need somewhere to store your boat for a month? 6 months? Or even a few weeks? Blue Lagoon offers flexible long and short term storage for boats of all shapes and sizes. 


Dinghies and Ribs

Similar to boats we also store Dinghies and RIB's offering easy access to do general maintenance throughout the winter or summer months, with an accessible slipway, making it easy to put smaller vessels in the water.  


Jet Skis

We have lots of space for jet ski storage, including a slip way to launch from. Alternatively, you can access your jet ski to tow to another location and leave your trailer at Blue Lagoon ready for when you need it. 



Trailers can be a real pain and an ugly addition to your home. Whether you need somewhere to store it during the winter or whilst you boat is in the water in the summer, Blue Lagoon can also accommodate for a number of Trailers at a very good price.