These are high-quality GRP sports boats ranging from small fishing tenders to 19ft sports boats. Compass are a medium-sized, family-owned business based in Athens, Greece and have been building these fantastic boats since 1965.

The S4 method of construction is used once more making this boat unsinkable with its crew on board. Like the whole range of Compass centre console boats, this boat has a deep freeboard making it feel secure and very capsize resistant. Self draining deck makes hosing down after your trip easy.


Always committed to this goal, and in order to achieve and ensure it, we give great importance to the initial design of our boats and to all stages of their construction during the production process, from gel-coat and lamination to final assembly, following and faithfully adhering to a set of rules and strict specifications. All raw materials as well as all the accessories we use, are supplied by the most reputable companies in the boating industry and of course having all the necessary CE certificates.

The great differentiation of Compass boats, that makes them top both in cruising and durability as well as in safety and robustness, lies in the fact that they are built exclusively with the “Compass S4” method. According to it, a third separate molded part is used on the boat which is bonded to the hull before its final hull and deck bond. This extra part is designed with great detail and attention, it is unique for each model and incorporates all the reinforcing structure and the storage space inside the cabinets.

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The main advantages of the construction with the “S4” method are:

  • Creates an extremely rigid and robust construction
  • Unsinkable feature
  • Increases internal storage.
  • Creates smooth and glossy storage spaces which not only give the boat a visibly higher quality, but also become very easy to clean.
  • Minimize the use of wood.

We collaborate with “MEKY”, and with other independent bodies, for the design, inspection and certification of our vessels, in accordance with section “B + C” of Directive 2013/53 / EU. All tests are carried out in a real marine environment in order to ensure maximum security, but also to accredit all those elements that will contribute to the maximum satisfaction of their owner.


Thus, the two young men, driven by their common passion for boats and the world of the sea, started the production of models, Compass 14 and 15. The success was immediate and the company began to enrich its range with new models, as well as extending to other activities such as imports of marine accessories and outboard engines.

Soon, the increased production made it imperative to relocate to a larger factory and so production was transferred to new facilities in northern Attica. Production was constantly increasing and more and more models were added to the range such as the 530, 490 and 426 making Compass Boats one of the leading and most recognizable boat manufacturing companies in Greece.

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In addition to all this, the company apart from its commercial activity, began to operate in other sectors such as to participate and organize speedboat races, and also Dimitris Samouhos together with other manufacturers of the time founded “SEKAPLAS”, the Greek association of  boat manufacturers in which he even served as general secretary for many years.

In the late 70’s the company began to export boats to other European countries, always prioritizing and emphasizing on the robustness of construction, smart design and impeccable after-sales service. In Greece, the sales network was expanded to 4 main sale points, in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos and Patras.

At the threshold of the new century, Compass Boats passes to the new generation and the long successful course continues to this day, even more dynamically with new designs and up to date production methods while maintaining the tradition of emphasis on attention to detail and excellent customer service.

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