Blue Lagoon Marine are pleased to offer this deep V twin step wave piercing hull the PROTAGON 20 redefines what a 20 foot boat can achieve; delivering unmatched stability, high performance handling, fuel economy and an absolutely dry ride.


Hull: The hull of the vessel has a special step that meets the strictest standards of fiberglass boat construction.

Raw materials: Only high-quality resins, fiberglass and ISO NPG GEL coatings are used.

Production: The fiberglass production employees are the most experienced shipbuilders.

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Testing every part of the boat: Part of the production process is the weighing of each part of the ship (hull, deck, etc.). This phase is necessary to ensure the same level of quality and the same technical characteristics.

Stainless steel accessories: All accessories are marine grade 316 L stainless steel.

Upholstery: Stylized and made material exclusively for marine use with superior characteristics.

Quality control: Every boat built goes through a thorough inspection process during and after the manufacturing process. The quality control process is certified ISO 9001 and Protagon Yachts has an ISO 14001

Certificate: As proof of the confidence in the boats that are built, we provide a hull warranty for each PROTAGON Yacht for a period of 5 years.

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