Sandbanks SUP Style Sport Touring ISUP (12’0" x 30" x 6")

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Sandbanks SUP Style Sport Touring ISUP (12’0" x 30" x 6")


board weight 9.5

Max rider weight 160 kg

Package also includes a 3 piece aluminium Bravo paddle, 2 way  pump with gauge, leash, removable fin and a bag.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to go further and faster than all your friends. With the Sport Touring board you can do just that. It’s long, slim design lets you glide though the water with minimal effort.

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If you’re a relatively well practiced paddle boarder looking to take your experience to the next level then this is the board for you. The Sport Touring’s super sleek shape and longer waterline gives the board extra glide and stroke efficiency allowing for a faster and more dynamic ride.

The Sport Touring features a grippy diamond grove deck pad and is also equipped with a carry handle, a deck net to secure luggage and additional side fins to provide improved tracking through the water.

Having double skin construction while utilising our Industry leading fused linear drop-stitch technology gives us the confidence to back all our boards with a 24-month warranty. We truly believe our paddleboards offer durability and performance to rival the very best on the market, the only difference is the price.